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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well, the scooter's broke-

Its in the shop, as of yesterday. After it quit during my morning commute I hauled it in a borrowed trailer over to Darrin's Quad and ATV shop in my neighborhood for his expert attention. Darrin seems to think I have an electrical charging failure that caused the battery to carry the ignition load until the reserve got low enough that the coil couldn't fire. Since the battery was too dead to crank the motor when it quit on me and I had been noticing that the lights were dimmer than I thought they should be, I think he might be right. Hopefully today he and his mechanic will get the chance to troubleshoot and advise on the scooter's troubles.

Lucky for me, its only 60 degrees and trying to rain, so there's no punishment in not riding on 2 wheels today.

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